The Human resource function

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HR departments perform different tasks. They might take full responsibilities for human resource activities in some companies whereas in others they will share the role with managers. Some of the responsibilities of HR departments are: employment and recruiting, training and development, compensation, benefits, employee services, employee and community relations, personnel records, strategy planning, health and safety. The role of HR has changes and enveloped over time. It began as a purely administrative function but now it is seen as a more strategic major role.

Equal Employment Opportunity refers to the averment's attempt to ensure that all individuals have an equal chance of employment, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, or natural origin. That is why federal government established constitutional amendments, legislation, and executive orders, as well as the court decisions that interpret these laws. Unfortunately equal employment laws are not the same in all countries. For example in some countries in order to get a job you need to be related to that person or bribe somebody. From that I can assume that Equal Employment Opportunity does not exist in some countries. I suppose it will take a lot of years of hard work to reach level that goal.

Job analysis is a process where we get detailed information about job. It is such an important activity to HR managers that it has been cold "the building block of everything that personnel does." (Textbook 145) I believe that an important concept of job analysis is that the analysis is conducted of the job, not the person. Job analysis is also important to HR department and line manager. It is critical for manager to know detail information about all the jobs in the work group for better understanding of workflow process. He also needs to understand the job requirements to make smart hiring decisions. Managers are the ones to interview applicants and recommend right people for right place. That task would be impassible without good understanding of what skills are necessary to perform right job. One of manager's responsibilities is to provide feedback to those whose performance needs improvement. In order to do that he needs to be able to evaluate how well each person is doing its job. Again, this requires that the manager clearly understands the task required in every job.

The human resources department within a company is going through many changes and faces increasing challenges. In order to stay competitive in today's marketplace, companies will need to keep pace with the times and promote change in order to maintain a competitive edge. This paper reports on the new roles and responsibilities of human resources (HR) and how the profession is changing within an organization. First among these is maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring that safe work practices are taught, maintained and abided by. HR ensures that all requirements set by OSHA and any local and state guidelines are met within the organization. Next, the HR department or company is increasingly changing from an annual performance appraisal system to evaluate employee performance to a continual appraisal system. This continual performance management system takes the place of an annual evaluation method that has been shown to be ineffective at accurately measuring employees' performance. Another improving area of the HR is the recruiting and hiring practices of an organization. Employee turnover can severely hamper a company and result in loss of income due to the resulting losses in production and services. These losses occur due to training costs and lower production of an employee who does not yet have the proper skills and talent needed to be fully productive. Finally, this paper will discuss the future trends and challenges of HR. More companies are outsourcing this function and turning it over to businesses that specialize in this increasingly demanding role. This means...

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