Human Resource Development

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Training and development


Mc Donald’s Corporation is the world’s biggest largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving up to 68 million customers daily 119 countries. the company began in 1940 as a barbeque restaurant and saw a great opportunity in this market and advised the owners dick and Mac to expand their operation and open new restaurants. By 1967 mc Donald’s expanded its operations to countries outside the U.S.A. this expansion led the corporation to open 23.00 MC Donald’s restaurants in 110 countries in 1994 producing $3.4 bn in annual revenues.

The organisation approach to training and development

At Mc Donald’s the first stage of training is done as soon as they start the job, the first stage of training is done at the welcome meetings. These set out the company’s standards and expectations. After the welcome meeting a structured development programme is provided to staff in all areas of business. Crew trainers work shoulder to shoulder with trainees while they learn operations skills necessary for running each of the 11 work stations in each restaurant, from the front counter to grill area. All the employees learn to operate state of the art food service equipment, gaining knowledge of McDonalds operation procedures. Most of the training on-the-job” training because people learn more and are more likely to retain information if they are able to practice as they learn. All new employees have an initial training period. In the training they are shown the basics and allowed to develop their skills to a level where they are competent in each area within the restaurant. The timing scale for this depends on whether they are full/ part time employees. Staff at McDonalds also attend class-room based training session where they will complete workbooks for quality service and cleanliness. After the initial training period all employees receive on-going training. The way they do this is by using “observation checklist” for the station they are working at. The rating from the observation will go towards their appraisal grading. The restaurant do promote crewmember to hourly-paid management positions that carry accountability for areas within the restaurant, or responsibility for a shift. Training and development is given in the restaurant and in addition the participant will attend regular development days. On successful completion of a management entrance exam, employee will attend training course help by the training department at the regional office before returning to the restaurant in a management position

Compare the training needs for staff at different level in an organization

McDonalds management development curriculum takes new recruits from trainee manager to restaurant manager. This training consist of on-the-job training and open learning development modules, supported by courses and seminars at the company’s National and Regional Training Centers. There are different key programs:

Trainee managers – deal with developing the crewmembers skills and techniques required to prepare food and cleanliness.

Shift managers- develops trainee managers in the skills and techniques required to become effective in all aspects of running a shift. *
* Systems management- targeting newly promoted first assistant managers. The program covers all areas of MCDonalds systems, increasing the manager’s business knowledge. The training also develops individual’s techniques.

Restaurant leadership – introducing managers to the key skills needed to become effective restaurant leaders e.g. team building, communication, and decision-making. *
All the training provided by McDonalds are different depending on what level you are working at, the only thing they have in common when training at each stage is continual development, McDonalds encourage employee’s to work their way up.

Training and development method employed

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