Human Resource Bundles Leading to Superior Outcomes for Organisations

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 5 (1738 words) Published: September 11, 2012
There are many combinations of human resource practices can that lead to superior outcomes for organisations. One of these practices that can lead to superior outcomes for organisations is the recruitment and selection process. In order to successfully recruit and select good employees for a business, there are a number of important steps and methods to go through and consider. This essay will cover why making a successful recruitment and selection process is important for a business. The steps required to developing a recruitment process will also be discussed and how they may vary from business to business. This paper will also discuss techniques and methods for a superior selection process with using examples. The piece will show how a combination of an accurate recruiting methods and criteria for a selection process can lead to superior outcomes for an organisation. Recruitment is defined by Robin Kramer (2011, pp.256) as ‘any practice or activity carried out by the organisation with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees.’ One of Human Resource manager’s responsibilities involves the task of building a supply of potential new recruits into an organisation when the need arises. Recruitment is designed to affect the sum of people who apply for job positions, the type of people who apply for vacancies and the probability of the applicant’s job acceptation to be accepted. It is not an easy task for employers to be able to attract highly skilled and talented workers as well as being able to retaining high-calibre talent. According to a recent national survey sourced by (Lee Froschheiser, 2009), Thirty percent of Chief executive officers have admitted that almost half of the employees working for the company are a poor fit for their job. Having an inappropriate worker for a job can have large consequences for any business such as low productivity, lost opportunities and high staffing turnover. This highlights the importance for a company to have the ability to be able to recruit exceptional employees that fit into an organisation and perform well. A survey was revealed by (Hooper, D, 2007) which close to 450 executives and workers in small and medium businesses was undertaken by Drake International revealing the importance of a tactical and integrated approach to HRM. The results also showed that simply good advertising and providing a competitive pay is not as important as attracting highly skilled employees. Whilst still recovering after the global financial crisis (Georgina Fuller, 2008) illustrates how recruitment budgets are considerably reduced, which calls for more cost effective and structured methods to fill job openings. Companies can significantly improve the quality of their workforce with carrying a positive attitude and without fail using the correct employment practices. A point of view addressed by (Lee Froschheiser, 2009) states that if a recruiting strategy is not properly developed, the business is more than likely only hiring ‘B’ or ‘C’ grade workers instead of ‘A’ grade workers. Whilst it is still possible for an ‘A’ grade worker to come into the firm, the probability is severely reduced as compared to a solid, consistent recruitment process. In order to create a methodical, highly deliberated and practical hiring process a business should make an obligation to follow the hiring steps processes and procedures. Once a hiring agenda is established it should always be followed and never skipped establishing consistency. The first step a business should take when undergoing the recruitment process is a job analysis. This ‘is the process of getting detailed information about jobs’ Robin Kramer (2011, pp.65). It deals with what tasks should be grouped into a job. Some positions may require a narrow range of tasks whilst others may necessitate a broad series of complex tasks. Decisions on which style to choose depend on whether the job role targets efficiency or innovation....
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