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center-5000502920Recruitment and Selection Process of Toyota Lanka 11000065000Recruitment and Selection Process of Toyota Lanka

38290504289425Group Members
Lakni Shanika – 2761
Melani Mallawarachchi – 2950
Sahan Gunawardena - 1915
Vishmi Abeyratne - 1469
Ridma Sammani - 2019
Sapuni Kekunawela - 1119
0Group Members
Lakni Shanika – 2761
Melani Mallawarachchi – 2950
Sahan Gunawardena - 1915
Vishmi Abeyratne - 1469
Ridma Sammani - 2019
Sapuni Kekunawela - 1119
The success and final outcome of this project required a lot of guidance and assistance from many people and we are extremely fortunate to have got this all along the completion of our project work. Whatever we have done is only due to such guidance and assistance and we would not forget to thank them. We respect and thank Mr. Demetrious Perera, General Manager - HR, Legal, Compliance & ICT at Toyota Lanka, for giving us an opportunity to do the project work in this successful manner and providing us all support and guidance which made us to complete the project on time. We are extremely grateful to him for providing such a nice support and guidance though he had busy schedule managing the company affairs. We owe our profound gratitude to our lecturer Mrs. Rajee Ravichandran, who took keen interest on our project work and guided us all along, till the completion of our project work by providing all the necessary information for developing a good system. We would not forget to remember Ms. Shamali, the receptionist of Toyota Lanka Head Office, for her unlisted encouragement and more over for her timely support and guidance till the completion of our project work. We are thankful to and fortunate enough to get constant encouragement, support and guidance from all Teaching staffs of Department of Human Resource in Toyota Lanka, which helped us in successfully completing our project work. Also, we would like to extend our sincere regards to all the non-teaching staff of department of Human Resource for their timely support.

Executive Summary
This assignment is based on recruitment and selection, two of the most important areas in human resources management. For the better illustration of these management concepts, Toyota Company is selected, since its human resources practices portray a vivid picture of the human resources concept under discussion. The assignment discusses both principles and practices in recruitment and selection in strategic approaches. The recruitment and selection covers the areas such as importance of recruitment and selection, its theoretical background, and application of these theories for the selected organization. Also we have are discussing the key issues that Toyota have come across in the process of recruitment and selection. We have given recommendations for the issues according to the facts that we have discovered and learned. According to the interview of Mr. Demetrious Perera, we could gain a sound knowledge about general recruitment and selection process, and we could also apply those findings in the report when we thinking for recommendations for the key issues that this company have. Based on the analysis of Toyota Company, the conclusion is arrived, which is basically that the success of Toyota depends on its wise decision of selecting best suitable recruitment and selection processes for its operations.

Description Page
Introduction to Toyota Motor Corporation 04 - 09
Vision of Toyota
Mission of Toyota
Company Objectives of Toyota
Organization Structure
Products and Services of Toyota
Literature Review10 – 11
Recruitment and Selection11 – 19
Theoretical Background of Recruitment
The Toyota way of recruitment           
Policies and Procedures Involve in Recruitment
Recruitment Process
Theoretical Background of Selection
The Toyota way of selection    
Policies and Procedures Involve in Selection...

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