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Human Resource Management Department is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as wellness, benefits, communication, administration, training, hiring, compensation, performance management, organization development, safety, benefits, and employee motivation. The human resources office department focuses on bringing out the best in his or her employees and to contributing to the success of the company. The department is responsible for hiring and filling position of the company that is open for qualifying candidates. HR Department will work closely with those candidates and train him or her on the duties he or she will carry out. One of the roles of the human resources department is recruitment. Recruitment will allow the company to find the right person who will fit in with the company. The company can conduct education and psychological measurements. By making sure the applicant has the right attitude and has what the company is looking for will be a big benefit (Bhagria, 2010). Keeping the employees motivated and focus is something that human resources talks about to their employees. Offering incentives to those that exceed expectation is a good thing for the company. This will allow persons who are following behind to want to improve and work harder to reach the goal that they are trying to accomplish to move up in the company. HR Department performance standards level of work for employees is to exceed and meet the job requirements for their area. Annual reviews for employee’s viewed sometime performance will be reviewed by HR managers. Human resources department has been taken for granted for a long time. Many people are unaware for all the human resources (HR) can offer. Today human resources department are looking to be proactive by looking ahead and seeing what it will take to get the company to the next level. In the past human resources department only responded to problems as they came up (Luis, Balkin, & Cardy,...
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