Human-Likeness in Braveheart Movie

Topics: Braveheart, Edward I of England, William Wallace Pages: 2 (902 words) Published: January 22, 2009
Titis Setyabudi

There are some events that are differences between the novel and film. First, the attacking of William Wallace against the British army when he knows that Murron does not present in the grove as what he said to her after the effort of British men to rape her. In the novel Wallace does not realize that Murron is caught by the British and they kill her by cut her throat. Wallace backs to his men in the barn at Campbell farm, among them Campbell and Hamish and they tell him that Murron has been killed by the magistrate. William, accompanied by Hamish, Campbell and four other men, rides to town to attack English and he defeats them and also kills Hesselrig, magistrate who killed Murron. This incident of Lanark raises William’s name through the village people and get their heart. This session is different in they way of attacking from the film. In film, after knowing that he can not find Murron in the grove, he backs to the town alone. He knows if Murron does not come to the place they have decided it means there is trouble with her. The only trouble that is possible is coming from British Army who try to chase her. He knows that exactly then his hatred to these men reaches the top. He rides his horse to the town and pretends that he will surrender. He drops his broadsword but he still keeps his dagger. Knowing William comes with no weapon Hesselrig asks his man to catch him but William hit these men and does what Hesselrig has done to Murron. The reason that may be can offer for the director to makes changing in this event is the director feel, I think, does not comfort with the way of William Wallace in the novel before the attacking of William to the town to pay the death of Murron, his wife. I think it does not meet with the character of William. William is brave, keeps his honour it is proven when he knows that Murron’s sister has to give her virgin to English man in her first night of...
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