Human Life Cycle

Topics: Pregnancy, Uterus, Embryo Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: April 17, 2013
The human life cycle is essential to the world's population. It allows individuals to create families that can change society in multiple ways and all those individuals that has the capacity to change the world has a mother. Every soon to be mother wants an easy pregnancy but most importantly hopes and prays for a healthy baby. Understanding pregnancy is important soley due to the fact its a major factor in the cycle of life. Pregnancy involves growth, development and a new beginning. A women that is becoming pregnant with a child is also known as conceiving, this process carried out by having sexual intercourse with a male. A female ovulate an egg cell, oocytes goes down a uterine tube. During sexual intercourse male sperm moves into the vagina, which is near the female's cervix, this occurs in the reproductive system. The sperm cell swims up the uterus and meets up with the oocyte and the process of fertilization occurs. During sexual intercourse many sperms swim towards the oocyte but only one sperm cell has the ability to fertilize the egg.

During beginning fertilization of the egg the cytoplasm triggers lysosomes vesicles that release enzymes that hard the zona pellucida so that it reduces the chance of more than one sperm can penetrates the oocytes. The egg divided then undergoes meiosis ends. The nuclei of the egg and nuclei of the sperm unite the membrane falls apart and the chromosome mingles which complete fertilization. The sperm cell and egg cell each has 23 chromosomes and during fertilization it 46 somatic cell this cell is called a zygote the first cell of the future offspring.

The Zygotes undergoes mitosis 30 hours after forming, cells division occurs rapidly. The rapid cell division is called cleavage. During cleavage tiny cells move through the uterine tubes during the time of implantation cells in the interface of the blastocyst. The cell surrounding the embryo is called the placenta this organ...
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