Human Growth and Development

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Human Growth & Development

1. Which theoretical perspective emphasizes nature in the “nature versus nurture” controversy?

(D) Psychodynamic theory

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2. which theorist would be most likely to expect cultural differences in development?

A) Vygtsky

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3. To determine whether boys and girls play differently, a researcher videotaped children at play during school recess this is an example of a?

B) naturalistic observation

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4. The average child begins to walk between?

(C) 11and12months

Source: page 85

5. According to Piaget, adaptation is made up of the two processes called?

(E) Accommodation and assimilation

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6. The fact that parents will provide less direction to a child who begins to show competence on a task, supports the theory of?

(D) Vygotsky

Source: chapter 7

7. According to the information- processing approach, children’s memories improve with age m because?

(A) They get better at organizing information

Source: page 26

8. Jane digs a hole in the sandbox while Jim, who is sitting next to her, fills his bucket with sand they share the shovels in the sandbox and talk about school they are engaged in?

(E) Associative play

Source: internet

9. Which of the following research methods is most often used to study rare or unique situations or behavior?

(B) Psychosocial

Source: page 33

10. Which of the following theories describes stages of development?

(C) Discontinuity

Source: page 269

11. Which of the following is an example of instrumental aggression?

(A) Sara pushes Joy out of the way so she can get a toy she wants to play with first

Source: page 269

12. According to statistics, which group commits most of the child abuse in our country?

D. parents

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13. Which theoretical perspective assumes there is a bidirectional relationship between the person and the environment?

C. psychobiological

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14. A problem with longitudinal research is?

C. subject to drop out

Source: page 36

15. Students who have developed a mastery orientation would attribute a good grade on a test to their ability; and a bad grade on a test to?

(D) Lack of effort

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16. According to recent research, which of the following has shown a correlation with age, but is NOT found only in older people?

E. wisdom

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17. Compared to peer groups in middle childhood, adolescent peer groups?

C. are more structured and exclusive

Source: page 332

18. Which of the following indicates the -presence of empathy?

C. Mollie laughs when she sees something funny on television

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19. among the parenting styles that have been studied by Baumrind, which of the following is associated with the most negative impact on development?

B. authoritarian

Source: page 253

20. Which of the following statements about physical growth is true?

A. Physical growth is rapid during infancy, slows during early and middle childhood, and then rapid again during adulthood.

Source: page 113

21. Research on the growth hormone (GH) has shown that?

E. vitamin C can simulate GH productivity in the body

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22. Researchers have studied the impact of late versus early maturation on adolescents ‘adjustment. Which of the pairs below have been shown to have the best adjustment outcomes?

C. late maturing boys and early maturing girls

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23. One theory of biological aging suggests aging is inevitable and is caused by?

C. wear and tear from normal use

Source: page 538

24. An effective treatment for the side effects of menopause is?

C. estrogen replacement therapy

Source: page 484

25. Compared to women, the male climacteric is?

C. unaffected by sex...
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