Human Form Comparison Essay

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Human Form Comparison Essay

Ancient Greek and Egypt’s cultures depicted the human form through art. Both Greek and Egyptian art used mainly sculpting and architecture to depict the human form. However, Egyptian and Greek art differed through the realism in their art. Unlike Greek statues, Egyptian statues were unnatural and showed no emotion, while as Greek statues showed expression. They also differed through their ideology in their art. Egyptian art was geared more towards religion, while Greek art was more concerned with philosophy.

Greeks and Egyptians shared the same techniques to create their art. These two cultures greatly influenced each other in the way they made art. Both cultures used sculpting and architecture to depict human form. They also both kept their art in tombs and temples.

Egyptian and Greek art had different perspectives of realism. Egyptian statues seemed to have large heads and faces with no expressions on them. This made Egyptian art mainly emphasize symmetry. However, Greek statues were not based off symmetry. Greek art was far more modern and showed a lot more emotion. In Greek art nudity seemed to be the main interest of the human form, whereas in Egyptian art nudity was only used for servants in children.

The ideas of Egyptian and Greek art were very different. Egyptian art focused much more towards religion, while Greek art focused more on philosophy. Egyptian wanted to use art to pay tribute to their deceased kings in the heavens. They believed the art would aid them in the afterlife. On the other hand, Greek art focused on philosophy and depicted moral balance over religious principles. Greek art examined the world as it was and discovered the variety of concepts in life.

In conclusion, Greek and Egyptian art were created in similar ways, but differed when it came to their realism and ideology. If you compared the two you would notice how they both used sculpting and architecture to create their art....
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