Human Factors in Aviation

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JAR 66 Module 9Exam Practice Exam
Module 9

This is exam number 1.

1. Accidents and engineering faults are
a) insignificant and increasing
b)insignificant and decreasing
c) significant and increasing


2. Information on drugs and alcohol can be found in
a) AWN 3
b)AWN 47
c) BCARs

3. 70 - 80% of the total focusing ability of the eye is carried out by the
a) iris
c) cornea

4. At what distance should a person without hearing difficulties be able to hear an average conversational voice in a quiet room
a) 1 metre (3 feet)
b)2 metres (6 feet)
c) 3 metres (9 feet

5. If you have been prescribed new medicine by your doctor you should a) continue with your normal shift pattern
b)give the new medication a 24 hour trial
c) take 3 days off work to try out the new medication

6. After a general anaesthetic you should
a) return to work as soon as possible
b)take at least 7 days off work
c) not return to work for at least 24 to 48 hours (depending on the individual)

7. Your doctor has prescribed you tranquillizers as you are suffering from depression. You should
a) tell your employer and carry on work as normal
b)not work at all when taking the tranquillizers
c) not tell your employer and carry on work as normal

8. The use of 'pep' pills by an aircraft engineer
a) is recommended only when working late or on night shift as they stimulate the senses and make you less prone to accidents
b)can only be used if prescribed by your doctor
c) should never be done (except for coffee)

9. You are taking SUDAFED to relief nasal congestion. You should a) continue to take them at work because SUDAFED has no side effects b)stay away from work until you no longer require the SUDAFED c) avoid making engineering decisions or performing licensed duties Answer:c

10. A perforated ear drum could occur if
a) you were subjected to continuous noise below 8 kHz
b)you blew your nose excessively
c) you were subjected to intermittent noise above 25 kHz

This is exam number 2.

1. How long is the short term memory good for remembering 7 items? a) Up to 30 seconds
b)30 to 60 seconds
c) Above 60 seconds

2. What is peer group pressure?
a) The influence the House of Lords have over the House of Commons b)Our behaviour influenced by our friends and colleagues.
c) The influence an individual has over a group of people Answer:b

3. What is white finger?
a) A disorder of the finger which may occur through continuous use of pneumatic tools because of reduced blood flow
b)A reaction when the white blood cells die and contaminate the fingers c) A skin disorder caused by extensive contact with oils and solvents Answer:a

4. What is slow wave sleep?
a) Stage 2- 4 sleep
c) Paradoxical sleep

5. What constitutes a good work handover?
a) A written documentation of the work done
b)A verbal account of the work done
c) A written and verbal account of the work done

6. Environmental stresses are
a) caused by noise, fumes, heat and vibration
b)not normally cumulative
c) tolerated by everyone equally

7. A regular behaviour of an individual is known as
a) the norm
c) culture

8. Phase 3/4 sleep
a) can be induced by alcohol
b)occurs only once per sleep cycle
c) is most beneficial for the body's restoration

9. Human error can be caused by
a) high body temperature
b)low body temperature
c) normal body temperature

10. In a discussion, the person who is most likely to be agreed with is a) the person with the highest status
b)the most argumentative person
c) the person who repeats the point most times

This is exam number 3

1. What meal is most recommended after a long shift?
a) High...
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