Human Eyes Vs. Camera Lens

Topics: Eye / Pages: 7 (1521 words) / Published: Nov 14th, 2013
Human Eye vs. Camera Lens

Prof. Richard B. Baber
The Art Institute of Tampa
ENC-2210, Section A
November 05, 2013

Being a photographer I have slowly started to notice similarities between how we see things and how a camera sees things. My research paper will be on just how similar our eyes operate compared to the lens on a camera body. What are the exact similarities and differences between the human eyes and a camera lens and in general terms, how a camera processes images and how our brain processes images? From a photographer’s shoes, knowing the similarities can help to understand what each setting does in a camera and lens. From an average persons stand point, it can help to understand how exactly the eyes work compared to a camera lens. The methods of research used to gain knowledge about my subject are Internet, print media, and professional journals. The human eyes and a camera lens have an unbelievable amount of similarities while they also have a decent amount of differences. The human eyes and a camera lens have a lot of the same capabilities but when it comes to processing, it gets really different. Processing and recording images is a much different process when comparing the two. On the other hand, when we break down them both, we find a ton of similarities in components and individual jobs.

Human Eye Vs. Camera Lens
Art today has a heavy impact on life tomorrow, as life today has a heavy impact on art tomorrow. Parveen Sharma, an architect and planner, once wrote, “Good photographs are taken with Mind, Soul, Eyes, and Imagination where Eyes like a shutter, Mind like a lens, Imagination like an object and Soul like a canvas.” Humans make art and use cameras on a daily basis. Breaking this down and relating it to today’s photography world, have you ever wondered just how similar we see the world compared to seeing it through the lens of a camera? The similarities between the human

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