Human Emotions

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Happiness Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: February 6, 2009
Happiness is one of many human emotions. Life events, including both external and internal stimuli often elicit a state of emotional happiness. Individual’s natural temperament, age, gender, culture, and religious affiliation are all mitigating factors in the way individual’s respond to life’s circumstances and in turn the changes in their happiness levels. Furthermore, the need to find happiness, fulfilment and overcome obstacles in life is an inherent human trait.

Myers (2000) draws on several factors as contributors to individual’s happiness levels. Humans are constantly striving to improve themselves, by becoming healthier, wealthier, seeking relationships and attaining higher levels of education. Myers indicates that people like to belong and become part of a social network. For instance, Myers (2000) indicates that married people are 40% happier than their single counterparts. Furthermore, religion is a source of happiness for many people. Religion provides network support, guidance, a purpose and meaning to life, hope and at times answers to life’s many tribulations.

Furthermore, money is a controversial contributor to happiness, individuals often say that money does not contribute to happiness, however as Myers (2000) attests, money is a means to improve the quality and opportunities in life. Money provides the means to acquire life’s necessities, which in turn increases happiness levels. Diener (cited in Myers 2000) states that wealthier nations have happier citizens, in comparison to the poorer nations, as wealthier nations have the means to provide political, civil and religious freedom, security and education to its citizens.

However, as Diener asserts, money does not automatically create happiness. Diener, Horwitz and Emmons (cited in Myers 2000) conducted surveys that found wealth to be the catalyst of more problems and unhappiness. Furthermore, researchers at the University of Warwick (2003) interviewed 16266 individuals and found...
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