Human Element of Management

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The Human Side of Management

The role of being a manager is not as easy as you would think it could be. Yes being a manager is considered one of the most common jobs of today but management is not right for everyone. In my opinion if you want to be a manager you need to possess certain characteristics. You should enjoy working with people and you have to like responsibility. As a manager there is always someone who is after your job and who thinks that they can do your job better. There will always be people in your organization who will not agree with decisions you have made or they feel they can make better ones. As people we make demands on our managers that are unrealistic and impossible to meet. The Human Side of Management is an article that describes the importance of the human element in managing; which is to have people skills. The bosses that we consider to be great managers are very rare and they all possess certain characteristics that cannot be taught in a college course. Sometimes when employers choose managers they focus too much on technical proficiency and tool little on character. The article explains that great managers understand that managing is not merely a series of mechanical tasks but a set of human interactions. The stories in Teal’s article explain how various CEO’s or entrepreneurs faced critical problems during their careers and how they handled them.

When I read the story about Hal Rosenbluth’s grandfather Marcus and how he turned an idea he had into a business and his vision grew into a successful company, this was a display of quality that a manager should have. His idea drove innovation and innovation drives business growth. Innovation is vital for business success. He developed a range of new revenue growth. He was able to create, evaluate and test his idea.
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