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Assignment 2
BGM 203 (Multimedia Authoring and Development)

NIM: E1200257

To start using this multimedia system, you just need to simply double-click on yhe “Human Digestive System.exe” file. By doing this you will directly be brought to the opening screen and after that will directly to the main menu screen. There will be five buttons on main menu, they are “Learning”, “Exercise”, Demo Video”, and “Exit”. Each of these button will bring you to several different pages. 1. Learning

By clicking this button, you will be brought to the learning material of “Human Digestive System”.

after you click “Learning” button you willb e brought to the next page in this.

In this pages you can click on part of body name what do you want, for example you can click on “Mouth button”, after you click it, it will show the material and explaination about mouth. If you want going back to the main menu you just click the “Home button”, and you can click the “Exit button” if you want to close the program.

2. Exercise
As well as the “Learning” button, by clicking this button, ou will brought to the first page of the exercise page. There are three buttons, they are “Home Button”, “Play Button”, and “Exit button”.

If you want to go to exercise pages, you just click the play button, and it will show like this.

In this page you can click the “next button” to see the next question of click “previous button” if you want see the previous question, and if you want going to the main menu, you just click the home buton, and you can click the exit button if you want to close the program.

3. Demo Video
By clicking this button, you will be brought to the video demonstration of human digestive system. But at first you will be brought to the first page of “Demo Video”.

In this page if you want play the video, you just click the “Play Button”, and if you want go back to main menu, just click “Home Button”.

4. Exit
“Exit” button is used to close the program, you can close the program with this button. In this program there are several exit button, and it has the same fuction, it is for close the program.


Minimum Requirements :
Pentium IV processor or newer
Minimum 800x600 screen resolution
256Mb of RAM
Adobe Flash Player 9 or above

Program Used To Create The System :
Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Corel Draw X5
Directory Stucture

Inside the Assignment 2 – BGM folder, there will be Human Digestive System.docx and Human Digestive System Folder. In Human Digestive System Folder, there will be Video, Human Digestive System.exe, and MojaveExternalAll.swf. The Video is retrieved from the internet (source written on the refrence page). The Human Digestive System.exe is the main system, and for the MojaveExternalAll.swf is the external file that fuction is for give the bar setting play on video. For the video, it is the external video on the program tht attached, so the program can play the video.

Location of Media Elemets
There are three main media elements used in this system, they are: 1. Text
Mouth : Scene 6, Frame 1
Pharynx: Scene 6, Frame 2
Epiglotis : Scene 6, Frame 3
Esophagus: Scene 6, Frame 4
Liver: Scene 6, Frame 5
Gallbladder : Scene 6, Frame 6
Stomach: Scene 6, Frame 7
Pancreas: Scene 6, Frame 8
Small intesline: Scene 6, Frame 9
Large intesline: Scene 6, Frame 10
Appendix: Scene 6, Frame 11
Anus : Scene 6, Frame 12

2. Picture
Opening screen : Scene 1, Frame 1-75
Image used: Opening screen.png (modified using Corel Draw X5) Menu Screen: Scene 1, Frame 76
Image used: Menu.png (modified using Corel Draw X5)
Learning Screen: Scene 4, Frame 1
Image used: Learning screen.png (modified using Corel Draw X5) Exercise Screen: Scene 5, Frame 1-4
Image used: liver.png (modified using Corel Draw X5)...
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