Human Digestion Summary

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Human Digestion Summary
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August 8, 2013

Human Digestion Summary
We all love to eat. I remember my parents used to tell me that in order for my food to digest properly, I would have to chew it one hundred times on both side to make it small as possible. They said that if the food was smaller it could digest quicker and easier. But most people do not know what happens to their food after they have chewed it up and swallowed it. Some may think that right after the food is swallowed, it goes straight to the stomach. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the path food follows as it goes through the digestive system. Amount of Time it Takes

It does not really take long for the food we eat to go through the digestive system considering all it goes through to get to its final destination. I believe that the time of travel definitely depends on what types of food you eat. I believe that you cannot tell exactly how much time it takes because other factors may come into play; such as a person’s body size, and how much food they eat at the time. Women’s Health (2010), says that most of the trip that the food has, takes twenty-four hours. The rest of the trip can take from one to four days to complete fully. According to Michael Picco (2013), “total transit time, from eating to elimination in stool, averaged 53 hours. The average transit time through just the large intestine (colon) was 40 hours, with significant difference between men and women: 33 hours for men, 47 hours for women.” Occurrence of Digestion

There are several stages that food goes through during digestion. Digestion first begins with the mouth. When you put food into your mouth your teeth and saliva helps to break down food into small molecules that absorbs into your bloodstream, your tongue finishes this process off by pushing the food into your throat in order for you to swallow. Food then goes through the esophagus and the esophagus muscles pushes the food into the stomach. While in the...

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