Human Development Index: Nigeria vs. the Unites States of America

Topics: United States, Inflation, Purchasing power parity Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Nigeria vs. The United States of America
Nigeria is the most inhabited country in Africa. Oil reserves have brought great revenue to the country; making is a mixed economy emerging market. It is among the Next Eleven, so doing business with Nigeria seems like smart and easy move. The truth is that among its 250 ethnic groups and 521 languages, this task is not as easy as it seems because of several distinct factors between Nigeria and the United States. Nigeria has 4 distinct systems of laws whereas the United States derives its law from Common Law. Nigeria’s human rights record also remains poor, whereas the United States prides itself in individualism. Just these two differences cause problems when dealing with business. Education in Nigeria is in a state of neglect. Education is provided free by the government, but the attendance rate for secondary education is only 29%. The entire system has been described as dysfunctional because of the decaying institutional infrastructure. Only 68% of Nigeria’s population is literate. In the United States, 84.6% graduated from secondary education and the literacy rate is 99%. The United States has a life expectancy rate of 78.4 years, almost double of Nigeria’s of 47 years. Nigeria has high levels of pollution. This can be accredited to haphazard industrial planning, increased urbanization, poverty and several other factors. Healthcare and the general living conditions in Nigeria are poor as a whole. Only just over half of the population has access to potable water and appropriate sanitation. The Unites States has much better living conditions, but it deals with the issue of obesity, with 1/3 of the population being obese. The United has a combination of public and private health care coverage, but will have a near-universal health care system by 2014. The United States has a GDP per capita of $47,500 while Nigeria’s is only $2,300. Nigeria’s inflation rate is also more than 3 the amount of the United States, at...
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