Human Development

Topics: Human Development Index, Developed country, Life expectancy Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: February 14, 2007
Human development is very important in terms of living conditions in different countries. The statement "any society committed to improving the lives of its people must also be committed to full and equal rights for allEis true. The UN considers three factors to calculate human development in a country. These factors cover many aspects of a country, including social development in a country. Income, education, and healthy living are considered to be the most important factors in human development, which help to rid populations of poverty, and support human rights. First, the improvement of lives is directly related to human rights. According to the 2000 UN Human Development Report, a more developed country with more rights today, as opposed to 1970, can expect a newborn to live 10 more years, adult literacy cut in half, and infant mortality rates cut by over 40%. The more freedom and rights a person has, the more opportunity, and better chance for a good standard of living. The International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights declared that the "rights to food, health, education and privacy were fundamental building blocks of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.EHumans, then, can realize what they are capable of achieving. However, a less developed country with less freedom, demotivates people and takes away opportunity for one to achieve their best. In addition, national security, criminal justice, and freedom of speech are other factors in human and social development. Without these, again, one cannot achieve their full potential. Second, the UN considers income as is a very important factor in determining human development. Income determines some human rights in countries, and general standards of living. People in poverty are usually denied rights, which include civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights. Human rights are directly related to human development. Discrimination against the poor is generally ignoring or denying...
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