Human Cruelty

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Slavery Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: April 7, 2010
Over the years, decades, and centuries there has been much human cruelty. There was so much hatred between social classes and ethnicities in the world and still is some today. People with higher powers, or bigger groups thought they could take over others and torture them. Humans tend to have hatred towards others because of their selfishness. They think they are better than others and can control them. The trail of tears, African Slavery, and the Holocaust all show human cruelty weather it is to the Indians, slaves, or Jewish people by forcing them to do and go wherever the powerful forces made them.

In the trail of tears, innocent Cherokee Indians were forced off their land. Between 1790 and 1830 the population of Georgia increased greatly. The western push of the settlers created a problem. Georgians continued to take Native American lands and force them into the frontier. In 1830, the Congress of the United States passed the "Indian Removal Act." President Jackson quickly signed the bill into law. The Cherokees attempted to fight removal legally by challenging the removal laws in the Supreme Court and by establishing an independent Cherokee Nation. The court refused to hear any of the cases. Men, women, and children were taken from their land, herded into makeshift forts with minimal facilities and food, and then forced to march a thousand miles. The conditions of this trip were horrible. On this journey, many Indians died and were hurt. Over 4,000 Cherokee died as a result of the removal. These people clearly did not care about the Indians. They just wanted the land that was the best for them even if it meant kicking people off land that had no claim. They thought they were better than these Cherokees and figured it was okay to run them off the land. They did not care that thousands would die and get hurt because they hated them. The reason for this hatred was the fact that they were very selfish people and did not care. They thought it would benefit them...
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