Human Creativity Essay

Topics: Mind, Thought, Cognitive science Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: September 2, 2013
The video talked all about how when people were given simple tasks, and given a reward for the task, how they did well, but how if the rigor of the task was increased with the same amount of reward system money, how people did poorer than before. The video also talked about how sometimes bribery with a paycheck isn’t always the way to go, for example the country in Australia, one afternoon of whatever you wanted to work on and the possibilities are endless. Computer bugs were fixed, new inventions came to be, software was created... the possibility was endless. The fact that society today is run by corporations holding a paycheck over their employee’s head and if they don’t perform the task at hand to the standards set by the head of the corporation, is absolutely insane. Creativity and mindset isn’t something that can be bribed, it has to come about through trial and error, or just sporadic thought process. Nobody can tell you when you’re going to have a spark of genius and that if that spark of genus doesn’t come today, you don’t have a paycheck. In school we have to replay exactly what a teacher wants to hear even if we as students don’t agree with the teacher, and if we have a different opinion, we’re wrong. Society today has children thinking not how a child should, but how society wants it to think, and that to me is wrong. I think that this video brought up some very interesting topics that I would like to know more about, I feel that bribery doesn’t always work because the pressure to win the reward is sometimes too much pressure for the human mind to handle and perform the task at hand in order to get the bribe. I think that all companies should do what the Australian company did and let there be a day of free creativity and just see what happens. I think the world would have many more inventions and ideas and cures to problems.
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