Human Computer Interaction: Kannal Solutions Case Study

Topics: Cathode ray tube, Liquid crystal display, Crookes tube Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: January 14, 2011
According to Nicky Danino(2001), Human Computer Interaction(HCI) is defined as ‘the study, planning, and design of what happens when a person and a computer work together’. HCI consist of three parts that is the user, the computer and the interaction involved between the user and the computer. Therefore I am going to evaluate the company based on several criteria. From what have been observed in the Kannal Solutions , the work area was found to be comfortable for the employees to work. The chairs provide sufficient cushioning. This enables the employees to work for long hours without feeling cramps or pains on their bottoms. Besides that, it is observed that the chair has adjustable heights. This enables the employees to adjust the height of the chair according to their comfort. The back rest of the chair also provides adequate support for the back bone. This feature of chair avoids the employees suffering from back aches or other lower back injuries. On the other hand, much attention was also given to the monitors. The monitors that are used in this company is positioned in such a way that the observer views the screen perpendicularly. When viewing the monitor at this angle, the observer will be able to reduce the stress applied on the neck muscles. Furthermore, only liquid crystal display (LCD) screens are used as a monitor. This monitor is flicker free because LCD does not depend on scanning electron beam to perform. Flickering of the screen can easily cause headaches to the employees which can severely reduce the productivity of the company. Moreover , the LCD screen is built such that it would not reflect light out, thus producing a less glare effect. These characteristics delays the eyes from getting tired. Apart from that, LCD has also been proven to produce lesser radiation. Thus, choosing LCD screen as a monitor was a good step taken by this company to keep their working environment more comfortable.

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