Human & Computer Interaction

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Human and computer interaction is today soul of the new technology innovation. Now a day the most of the research is based on human computer interaction. In this report we will discuss that what is human computer interaction, how this interaction take place and what the importance of this human computer interaction in our daily life and research field. In this report we discuss some current research topic like postmodern phenomena, that how human and computer interaction influence this postmodern phenomena and how virtual reality work in the context of human and computer interaction.

Human information system based on collecting information, process, Store, retrieve, distribute and compare this information. The information can be collect by means of human senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and feeling). When collection has been done then thoughts and mental processes creating consciousness, which is carried out by brain. Brain is made up collection of organs where each organ has its own task to do but these organs are interconnected with each other. After observation and selection the perception is built according to human desires. The information which has been received by organs converts into knowledge that is store in human memories and gets earlier knowledge from memories and create information. After that communication begins and brain compares it with other information. (1) According to Britannica Concise Encyclopedia in Computer is a Programmable machine that can store, retrieve, and process data. Today's computers have at least one CPU that performs most calculations and includes a main memory, a control unit, and an arithmetic logic unit. (2) (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia). Modern science define computer as an electronic device that stores and manipulates information. It differs from a calculator in being able to store a program and to store and retrieve information in its memory without human help. (2) (Modern Science Dictionary) Business dictionary defines computer is executing instructions to perform operations on data. The excellent feature of a computer is its ability to store its own instructions. This feature makes it possible for a computer to perform many operations without the need for a person to enter new instructions each time. Today computers are made of high-speed electronic components that enable the computer to perform thousands of operations each second. (2) (Business Dictionary).

Computer components are Processor, Internal Memory, Secondary Memory, Input Units, and Output Units. The ability of the computer based information system to support, encourage and facilitate for the users. (1) While computer information bases on collection, process, store, retrieve, distribute and compare. The collection of information means input which is required for processing. Processing performed by Central Processing Unit (CPU). When process has done memory devices are ready to store the information and wherever requires these information can be retrieve from memories. Output is also carried out through memories and CPU compares this information’s. (1) According to Wiki Answer dictionary Computer does when it gets input from human being and human performs when he/she gained from various sources and experiences. (2)

Relationship between Human & Computer:
In modern era computer and human relationship plays very important role to driven technology in certain places of social sciences, applied sciences, education, business and industries. We are not wrong if we think that human cannot perform their duties according to modern needs within organization without computer. It can be said that technology is the process by which humans have coped With and changed their environment throughout history. In this sense, people have always lived and worked in a technological society. (3)

“Relationship between human and computer occurs at the simply interface, which...

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