Human Computer Interaction

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Literature Review

In the testing and design phase, the website’s design has been tested using various evaluation methods. It is very important for a website to focus on the principal of evaluation for designing a website. This section outlines the approaches that have been implemented for the evaluation of the overall website design and presents the findings and conclusions of the evaluation (refer to page). This will explain the connection of the implementation of the overall design, the expected outcomes and also the functionalities of the designs. Basically this section will further discuss the impact of these evaluations on the designs of the website. The main reason for evaluation being implemented is that it helps to determine if the process is effective and what the further steps are to enhance the process. It contributes to take the necessary steps in making the website concepts and designs better. For different stages in design, there is different evaluation strategies carried out. Apart from that, testing phase provide useful feedback to a variety of audiences such as client, administrators, staff and also users. For this project, it helps to cater according to the end users’ usability level.

The following sections will further discuss on the implementation and application of the evaluation. It compromises of; a)Types of evaluation: Formative and Summative
b)Evaluation paradigms: Four paradigms and Heuristic
c)Evaluation models: DECIDE

Types of Evaluation
There are many different types of evaluations depending on the object being evaluated and the purpose of the evaluation. In this report, formative and summative evaluation had been carried out. The following discusses further on these two evaluations.  

Formative Evaluation

A formative evaluation is a method for judging the worth of a program while the program activities are forming. This part of the evaluation focuses on the process (Clark, 2004a). Formative evaluation was intended to foster development and improvement within an ongoing activity. It aid to find out if the goals of designing the website achieved in the beginning and throughout the formative stages of website design rather than the final or completion stage.

By conducting the formative evaluation, ideas of the designs can be tested and in case there’s problem in the design, changes can be made in the earlier stage. This actually save time and most importantly, the website will be done effectively and efficiently. It is safe to say that this evaluation functions to detect and eliminate usability problems. According to Bevan et al (2005), one important aspect of formative evaluation is that the audience for the observations and recommendations is the project team itself, used to immediately improve the design of the product or service and refine the development specifications.

In this article, we describe a user-centred design strategy that focuses simultaneously on interface issues, instructional support for classroom implementation, student learning outcomes, and students and teachers’ subjective experiences in using Web-based interactivities. Our approach combines experimental methods and qualitative approaches to assess prototype materials in terms of their ease of use, pedagogy, program performance, and presentation and coverage of content. We describe how this approached to notable improvements in the design of the instructional materials.

The testing of the design is done to assure that the designed website meets requirements on several levels, such as usability, functionality, and effectiveness of the website instruction and most importantly the user friendliness level. As a part of testing, the design content has been evaluated by asking few questions as follows. •Did the design achieve the goals and objectives?

Is it visually appealing and easy to read?
Are users able to understand instructions?...
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