Human Cloning

Topics: Human, Cloning, Morality Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Ashley Brackett
Ms. Lecco
Block 1A
Human Cloning: Helpful or Harmful?
Human cloning, which was once thought of as the witchcraft involved in fictional stories, is a true thing in the real world. Human cloning involves replicating DNA of one organism into another one (Human Cloning). The controversial topic of cloning is seen by citizens that it could be beneficial for all humans, but by many people it is conceived as immoral and unsafe. Human cloning should not be allowed because the health risks involved, its depraved background, and errors that could occur during the cloning process.

Cloning is potentially very dangerous to the clone being formed. For example, in mammalian cloning, at least 95% mammal experimental clones have had miscarriages, stillbirths, and life-threatening anomalies (Reproductive Cloning Arguments). No clones are perfectly healthy and will clearly have difficulty during pregnancies. Pregnancy problems will affect the clone and its child. Also, cloning can lead to birth defects to the clones themselves as well (Health Risks). Since clones are scientifically made, their organs are enlarged which is the most common reason for birth defects. Clones are also likely to experience an early death due to their weaker immune system (Health Risks). Clones will experience death possible before normally developed human. Health problems and early death is what makes human cloning unsafe.

Along with all the health risks, human cloning is also immoral to a great amount of the populace. Clones are formed because of a nuclear donor and as a result, a clone will never be able to be its own self (Reproductive Cloning Arguments). This will affect a clone’s social development. Making an exact copy of someone is not morally right. Cloning could diminish the sense of uniqueness among human beings (Reproductive Cloning Arguments). People are supposed to have their own personality and physical features. Being an individual is ethical. As well as...

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