Human Cloning

Topics: Human anatomy, Death, Gerontology Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Early in 1997 Dr. Ian Wilmont a Scottish scientist revealed to the world that he had completed a clone of an adult sheep named Dolly. With this huge step in science the world realized that cloning was no longer the plot of a science fiction movie but rather a realistic look into the future of science and medicine. Have you ever imagined what life would be like if we could eliminate human problems and diseases such as AIDs, cancer and human organ shortages? This is the question that arises when the subject of cloning is brought up and I believe that cloning is the next generation of medicine and can be beneficial to humanity for years to come. One of the strongest reasons to support that cloning is worthwhile to humanity is that it there would be a solution to organ limitation. One of the greatest problems in medicine today is that there has not been enough organs to go around to all of the patients that are in need of them. This in turn creates a lot of unnecessary deaths, and problems for patients. Currently in the U.S. only 2,300 of 40,000 Americans who needed a new heart received one. That means close to 94% of the patients did not receive one and this is only one organ in one country that were talking about. Statistics show that nearly one third of the patients on the waiting list for organs will die and even if they do receive an organ the human body has the tendency to reject organs which can cause serious illness or death. If we cloned human organs we would be eliminating a major killer of humans and if the organ was rejected by the patients body we could simply make another one to suit the patient. This would mean fewer complications, little or no waiting lists and almost no deaths because of organ shortages. Another great reason to clone human cells is that it has the potential to cure diseases. As of now we have not been able to solve the problems in many of the worlds deadliest diseases such as cancer and AIDS. There is also...
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