Human Body and Digestion

Topics: Digestion, Pancreas, Small intestine Pages: 3 (389 words) Published: January 22, 2014
Chapter 3 The Body

I.The cell

The cell is the basic unit of life in our bodies.
It has many “little organs” in them called organelles. Organelles have very specific functions. One example of an organelle is the mitochondria.

Cells require nutrients and get rid of waste and live and die- just like us.II.Tissues, organs, organ systems

Cells group together and form  _____________________________ Some examples are:

Tissues group together and form  ______________________________ Some examples are:

Organs group together and form  _________________ ______________________ Some examples are:

If you put all of the organ systems together, you have the _____________________

All systems interact with one another:

A.Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Systems
When we breathe in, we inhale what molecule? ________________________________________________________.

When we exhale, we release __________________________________________. CO2 is a waste product from cells.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are carried by the

______________________________________________________ system.

B.Cardiovascular and Digestive Systems

Broken down (digested) food, except some fats, go from the

digestive system and enter the ___________________________________________.
From there, the broken down food goes to the ______________________________.

The liver eventually processes everything that goes into your body.

C. Lymphatic and Digestive Systems

Some _____________________ from our diet enter very small lymph vessels in cells in our small intestine.

From there, they travel to the ___________________________________________________________.

D. Urinary and Cardiovascular Systems
Blood goes through your kidneys. Certain parts of your blood then become

________________________________________. This goes to your bladder and exits the body....
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