Human Behavior

Topics: Sociology, Homosexuality, Behavior Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Field Experience for Human Behavior in the Social Environment II Leon Lorenzo Robinson
Clark Atlanta University

Field Experience for Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

Human behavior refers to the range of behaviors exhibited by humans and which are influenced by culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, authority, rapport, hypnosis, persuasion, coercion and/or genetics. The behavior of people (and other organisms or even mechanisms) falls within a range with some behavior being common, some unusual, some acceptable, and some outside acceptable limits. In sociology, behavior in general is considered as having no meaning, being not directed at other people, and thus is the most basic human action. Behavior in this general sense should not be mistaken with social behavior, which is a more advanced action, as social behavior is behavior specifically directed at other people. The acceptability of behavior is evaluated relative to social norms and regulated by various means of social control. My brother is now a Veteran; I spoke to him about how it feels to have been to Afghanistan. He explained to me that it was like a video game but in real life, I laughed because I’m sure it isn’t the same. He told me that it was a culture shock going back and forth from the states to there, he lost a couple of friends who were seriously in the wrong place at the wrong time and he says he has a new outlook on life because at any given time that could have been him. He says he is still waiting on money from his trip; one of his biggest issues with the government was that they aren’t as efficient as they could be. I use to think that he was going on paid vacations and had the ability to hold an assault rifle. After speaking with him I realized that veterans go and put their lives on the line repeatedly, their behavior shows through the early morning wake ups and their stern attitudes. They are under appreciated and this is in the realm...
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