Human Behavior

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Thought Pages: 4 (1043 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Aspects of psychology
Mary Tills
Unit 1IP1
Barbara Baucus

In this paper you will find the definition of psychology as well as behaviorism, cultures and diversity, and cognitive as well as examples of each.  
Psychology is a science that focuses on studying the mind, thought, and human behavior. Edition: (Board, 2011) Why would one want to study psychology? It only natural for one to want to understand their own thoughts and behaviors and the thoughts and behaviors of those around you the study of psychology complement your curiosity about yourself and others by describing the scientific basis of what are known about human nature. Edition: (Board, 2011) psychology is a scientific tool that better help you understand the biological foundations of the human behavior; and how one sense, perceives, learn, and think about the world in addition to how psychological factors affect humanity physical and emotional health; now and in the future. Edition: (Board, 2011) The Biological Foundations of Behavior is the brains that underlie you’re: •Thoughts

The functions of your body originate in the brain. Which is a three – pound mass of gray tissues with more than one billion neurons or nerve cells that communicate with each other as the Nerve impulses travel from your brain down your spinal cord, as they intersect with your nerves that control your internal organs and muscles? Edition: (Board, 2011) Psychology is a very important tool that will increase your knowledge which will help you reach your desired life goals, while developing a thorough understanding of the psychological factors that affect most all human being. As you develop understanding and empathy for others while grasping an understanding of how people behave in groups... Edition: (Board, 2011) Behaviorism is that which can be measured, trained, and changed. (watson, 1913)

Both Watson and Skinner believed that behavior is caused...

References: Edition: (Board, 2011) contents/sub_section_main_1168.aspx
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