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Human and Ishmael

By TiagoRena1 Jun 16, 2013 516 Words
Culmnating Assignment
Ishmael states that we all have a purpose here on earth, I can agree with this statement. Because in the novel Ishmael being an “adventure of the mind and spirit” we learn from an incredibly smart talking gorilla that just like today, that all living being will never stop growing. Ishmael gave us the idea that we humans are the ones who rule this world (in which the society we live in today clearly proves so). People may disagree with Ishmael but we can’t reject the fact that it was clearly made for us humans. On the other hand although we are the most successful species, we are responsible of handling all the hard task the world presents us, ultimatly “with great power comes great responsibility”. For Ishmael we human’s, are the inventors and explorer for this world. We humans are so intelligent that we will always, no matter what obstacle comes our way, we will always find to benefit us off any other living creatures in the world. I sometimes have asked this question to myself, how other life/creatures will/do benefit from us. “The pinnacle was reached in man. Man is the climax of the while cosmic drama of creation” I truly believe that after mankind was created, our ultimate goal has been to rule the world. Since the beginning of mankind, we always had the desire to make this world a place it wont ever be, the promise land. “The world was given to man to turn into a paradise but he’s always screwed it up because he’s fundamentally flawed”, I completely agree with this quote because we basically are full of flaws, if we stop and think about it, us American’s believe that this is the land of success so we make the effort to be successfull, but for us, we make more mistakes then success in our lives. This clearly shows that we don’t really know how to achive our fate. Other living being may not use us the same way we use them but what I can say is that, the way they benefit from us is by making an institution of laws. When it comes to our purpose here on earth, people may not agree with the end the book led to. We humans are at the beggining of an evolutionary continuation, because I can say that we are the leaders of this new world we live in, our conclusive destiny is to make all basic mistakes so the rest of our life can grow. This novel was based on an intelligent gorilla called Ishmael trying to answer the question of how humankind came to be what it is today.

3. I really liked this novel Ishmael, because it got me thinking more about life, not just thinking but actually understanding on how mankind really is corrupt, and instead we make this world even more corrupt. Quinn sure does know how to get his readers thinking and understanding more about life in general. I do recommend this book to my fellow friends and students.

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