Human anatomy

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Human Anatomy

Word Meanings -
Forearm: antebrachial
Ear : otic
Heal of foot: calcaneal
Back of lower skull: cephalic
Neck: cervical
Front of the knee : patellar skin: dermis
Cheek (inside): buccal
Area behind the knee: popliteal

Whats my structure? :
Rough or Smooth: Endoplasmic reticulum
Contains enzymes and breaks down harmful substances : Peroxisomes
Houses the genetic code: nucleus
Acts like a framework to supports cell : cytoskeleton area between anus and genital: perineal

Tissues Types:
Covers and protects body surfaces, lines body cavities, moves substances into and out of the body : epithelium supports the body and its parts, etcc.. : connective tissue produces movement : muscular system protects the body from foreign invaders, relatively far apart and separated by large quantities of nonliving matrix : connective -sis: diffusion of small solute particles but not larger... : dialysis movement of fluid and dissolved molecules into a cell trapping then in a section of plasma membrane ..: pinocytosis movement of proteins or other .. moving things out.. : exocytosis

Final Jeopardy - Fluid: cerebrospinal fluid

Planes & Directions:
Along, or toward the vertebral ... : dorsal toward the trunk: proximal toward the wall, away from internal structure: parietal opposite side of the body: ipsilateral

Planes and sections: lengthwise plane running from front to back : saggital
Kidneys are ___ to ...: lateral lengthwise plane running from side to side: coronal

Clinicians: fusion failure of the .... nasal septum :cleft lip autosomal recessive disorder..: cystic fibroses

Gallstones, stomach ulcer, pancreatitis : Hypochondriac

Final Jeopardy: .... N/A

Directions, Please:
The navel is ____ to the chin ; inferior
The heart is ____ to the breastbone ; posterior
The heart is ____ to the arm ; medial

Under skin, padding at various points ; fat (adipose) disks between vertebrae

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