Human Adaptation

Topics: Vittorio De Sica, Bicycle Thieves, Enzo Staiola Pages: 5 (1880 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Even though human being is the next evolution of animal, people still have the basic thing that both animal and human being always have, and they cannot deny which is the adaptation of survival. The movie “Bicycle Thieves” is director Vittorio De Sica told the viewers a story of a poor father, who was searching for his stolen bicycle, and without the bicycle he will lose his job, which was to be the salvation of his young family. At the end, he cannot even find his bicycle; instead to steal from other but he was fail. “All the quiet on the Western Front” is a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, who is a German veteran of WWI, shows people a painful picture, line of thought, and the adaptation of the young group soldier in the war. The adaptation is not always good but it is depend on the situation they are in. The adaptation from generation of Paul and his friends has suffered is bad because they got experience during the war, which they have to adapt for their survival throughout the grenade, bullet, and boom. Paul and friends from this generation adapt too much from the war to get the experience of survival. Therefore, they lost their youth, connection with family, and lost their future. Sometimes, Adaptation could make a person, who has a different thought, speak, and vote into the one whom is speechless, and the same thought as others, or simply that the one lost his or herself. “Shooting an Elephant” wrote by George Orwell, gives people an example of the adaptation from the police who being force to kill the elephant, and made the ridiculous excuse for his action. The story tells people how the police feels about the elephant if he shoot or not. At first, he thinks the elephant is innocent, however, the shooting still happens and he makes an excuse that the elephant might be dangerous to people who lives here even thought he knows the elephant stays far away from the town people lives. Actually, the adaption makes him thinks that if he did not shoot the elephant, those black people might beat him until death, and he has to adapt for his survival. Things might change, or something happens that makes people have to adapt at the environment, or situation they are in. There might be something force people to adapt or there might not, however, it is true that in people’s mind, they do not want to lose anyone else, therefore their brain force them to do something that develops their ability to adapt the right situation. As soon as the police see the elephant, he already knows that he “ought not to shoot him” (Orwell). Watching the elephant eat at a peaceful time, he “ did not in the least want to shoot him”(Orwell). He recognizes that “every white man’s life in the East was one long struggle not to be laughed at.”(Orwell). He was too scared to let the elephant alive because people will make fun at him as fool. The only thought in his mind “was that if anything went wrong those two thousand Burmans would see him pursued, caught, trampled on and reduced to a grinning corpse like that Indian up the hill”. At the end, Orwell has to adapt the opinion of two thousand Burmans as being what they want him to be, otherwise; he would be like the man up hill. In “All the quiet on the Western”, Paul and his friends have show their suffer during WWI that they have to adapt it. They have to adapt harsh living condition; sometimes they might be starving, defecation with others, someplace does not supply any food, Paul and his friends has to find it by themselves. Kat, who always find food for the entire group, “He has two loaves of bread under his arm and a blood stained sandbag full of horse-flesh in his hand” (Remarque, 39). Sometimes, Paul and his friends have to see his partner or young soldiers die in front of their eyes and they have to adapt it. “Such a kid” Kat repeats it “ young innocent” (Remarque, 73). Antonio, who is searching for this stolen bicycle. The only thing he cares it is his bicycle but it makes he mad because the...

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Human Adaptation
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