Human Activity Causes Climate Change

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Global warming Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: October 20, 2014
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An American vice president, Al Gore, said that while the reason behind dinosaurs’ extinction over 65 million years ago was because of a giant asteroid, the species that are dying out every minute of our lives are not just because of some havocs, but it is US-human (Al Gore, 2006, internet). We are destroying our world indirectly which means we do not just go and kill those entire animals, but what has caused their extinction is due to “Climate Change” that is the result of the Natural Causes and Human Activities. We used to look at how natural causes have contributed to climate change, but human is now even playing a bigger role in causing climate change.  Climate can be defined as the average weather effected by slow features such as oceans, precipitations, and clouds (Slaght, 2009, p34-41). Out of the two main causes of climatic alterations, natural cause is one of them. It refers to phenomenon such as forest fires, volcanic eruptions that cause tons of pollutants to our atmosphere, but also keeps the world in balance. For example, disasters such as volcano eruptions release at least 130 million tons of pollutants annually. Moreover, studies from the recent volcanic eruptions such as El Chichon, Mexico (1982), and Mount Pinatubo, Philippines (1991) showed that the sulfuric acid liquid drops from these volcanoes also subsidize the depletion of our ozone layer (Volcanic gases and their effects, internet). On the other hand, even if human have not existed on earth, carbon dioxide emission would still happen. Over 95% of the world emission came from what we call the natural cycle of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) such as the decaying of organic materials, but whatever happens during the natural cycle of the earth’s CO2, it is already in the balance of nature or the environmental capacity that allowes how much CO2 can be stored (Common questions about climate change, 2006, internet). Therefore, as we can see...
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