Human Activity

Topics: Earth, Carbon dioxide, Climate Pages: 4 (1094 words) Published: September 12, 2014

Human Activity is Causing Earth’s Warming
Since the 1900s, the world has been in an upward trend of higher temperatures. In fact, there have been record breaking reports of high temperatures all over the world. According to International Panel of Climate Change “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal.” The cause of the weather abnormalities is an ongoing dispute. Although most agree human activity in the primary fact, scientist have yet to come to consensus. Global warming was once the name of this phenomenon, but the name itself has caused controversies since the climate is not just warming. The higher temperatures has caused climate to vary across the global. Weather is not to be mistaken for climate change. Weather changes day-by-day while “Climate change” is the long term trend of changing weather patterns due to human activity and natural cycles which is causing disastrous events around the world such as droughts, floods, sea level rising, and animal extinction. Climate Change

Non-believers, people who do not believe in human activity being the primary cause of climate change, do not believe that carbon dioxide (gas emitted from industrial and agriculture in to atmosphere) can cause these changing to the climate. However, as the use of carbon dioxide goes up so does the higher temperatures. According to reports from the IPCC (International Panel of Climate Change) “From 1906-2005 the record breaking numbers were of 0.74 [0.56 to 0.95] Celsius higher than the corresponding trend which was from 1901-2000 of .6 [0.4 to 0.8] Celsius (this information is from the Third Assessment Report).” Higher temperatures have had a chain reaction to weather patterns stated in the following paragraphs. Land, sea, and air temperatures are rising across the world. Dry areas are becoming dryer, wet areas are getting wetter, and ice extent is shrinking by the millions square mile (website). Land, sea, and air temperatures are rising across the world. (web) Droughts...
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