Huma205-Unit 2 Assignment

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Ancient history Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Humanities Assignment

Works of Art from Ancient Cultures
The Smithsonian Institution Freer/ Sackler Gallery: Ancient Egyptian Art Head of a Pharaoh (2675 – 2130 BC)
Made of stone and copper
Here I found many interesting pieces of art work that really caught my eye. The first piece I found interesting pieces of art work that was called “Head of a Pharaoh,” the headgear and moustache helped to identify the figure as being an Egyptians pharaoh. There was a tall crown with a rounded top, known as the “white crown,” this very type of crown signified ruling over southern Egypt. It is displayed in a museum case, it’s being broken at the neck, making obvious that the head once belonged to a full, more than likely standing statue. Long ago in Ancient Egypt, statues of this kind were placed within tombs to serve as eternal images of the deceased. The great sculptors of this period sought to transport the pharaoh’s divine character while at the same time experimenting with the everyday realistic features of the human face and body. The original statue probably provided further clues to the figure’s identity, perhaps enough to include a hieroglyphic inscription naming the pharaoh. The details of the crown and face suggest that this statue might have been carved during Dynasty five or six; this was the period that followed the building of the Great Pyramids at Giza (ca. 2500 B.C.E.). There have been many royal statues portraiture produced toward the end of the Old Kingdom. (2675-2130 B.C.E.).

Face for a coffin (Dynasty 18 or 19)
Made of wood (sycamore fig) and glass
The second art piece I found that caught my eye was the “Face from a Coffin.” This unusual carved face, with eyes and cosmetic lines that are inlaid with glass, and were originally attached to the wooden coffin; the square hole under the chin was used to attach a ceremonial beard that is no longer preserved during...
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