hum130 week1 vocabulary quiz

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Week One Vocabulary Quiz

Define these terms in your own words.
1. Immanent
Is to experience a reality as present in the visible world.
2. Religion
The spiritual tying of people to some form of greater reality or power other than life. 3. Theistic
A religion based on a personal belief to divine being.
4. Monotheistic
A religion based on ones relationship to a divine being that is worshiped as a singular form. 5. Profane
It is used to describe random, unimportant, and ordinary occurrences in religious patterns of the everyday world. 6. Polytheistic
It is a religion that emphasizes many forms of divine beings. 7. Monistic
A religion that worships multiple forms that represent one reality. 8. Dogma
A system of doctrines offered by some religions. It is proclaimed and accepted as true specific answers to the religion it is being offered for. 9. Nontheistic
Is not a believer in unseen reality but can be spiritual without labeling themselves a certain religion. 10. Transcendent
The belief that a greater power exists outside the material universe. 11. Incarnations
The living embodying the divine or spirit.
12. Soul
The spiritual part of the body that exist separately form the physical body. 13. Atheism
The belief that there is no god because no proof exist.
14. Agnosticism
The belief that humans cannot be able to know the existence of a higher power. 15. Rituals
The repeated actions by people or groups. Some religion rituals are dancing, singing, reciting prayers and sharing food to symbolize spirituality. 16. Symbols
A borrowed image that represents some form of a spiritual experience. 17. Myths
Symbolic stories that used for explanations for with in the universe. 18. Orthodox
Abiding to a particular form of religion by practicing established traditions. 19. Routinization of charisma
The instituonalization of religion that can damage the inspiration of religion. 20. Absolutists
Believe in traditional...
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