Hum...No One's Life Is Free from Stress

Topics: Personal life, Coping skill, Stress management Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Southern Christian College
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No One’s Life is Free from Stress

Submitted by: Gissele Mae T. Biloso, BSA-1
Submitted to: Mrs. Ruthie V. Tejero

Recently, cases of suicide in the Philippines increased rapidly.TV host vice ganda, mentioned in one of his show, that Philippines has the highest number of suicide case. This fact is very alarming to Filipino hence; researchers must take a look with this problem. Based on the record of national statistics office, the suicide rate of the country from 1984 to 2005 went up from 0.46 to 7 out of every 200,000 men. On the other hand it jumps 0.24 to 2 for every 200,000 women. Nadera, 2013 stressed that one of the causes of suicide is stress or depression; these is due to low income, under employment, medical conditions and marital status. In addition to that, Noda T. of Philippine Star (2013), states that Philippines have the highest incidence of depression in Southeast Asia with over 4.5 million cases reported in 2004. Moreover, Holmes, T. and Rahe, R. (2006), revealed that the main causes of stress is the external condition. He also added that stress is the reason for two thirds of the client of every hospital. He also confirmed that stress leads to some serious illness. The above facts are some of the reasons of doing this study/term paper. This term paper contains result of different researcher regarding stress .In this paper, causes and effects of stress are discussed and their solution to overcome stress.

Meaning of Stress
Here are some of the meanings of stress as defines by different authors; according to Selye, 2013 stress is the rate of all wear and tear caused by life. While Cox, (1985) define stress as a part of a complex and dynamic system of transaction between the person and his environment. Furthermore, McEwen & Mendelson, (1993), defines stress as a term for certain types of experiences, as well as the...

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