Hum/186 Final Assignment

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Final Assignment

Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question.

1. What are the primary roles of media delivering news to the public?

Primary role of media to deliver correct news. Not making a too much elaboration. e.g. if death of any celebrity happened, they should only convey the news about how the death happened. Not that who is coming or not for funeral etc. [ & if some person not came then they should not highlight. The news and only the news-- based on responsible investigative journalism. Way too often, the news is slanted or based on hearsay, and doesn't contain all the facts. ]

2. What is the significance of immediate news media What is the significance of immediate delivery on culture?

I think that immediate media is very important in the sense that our culture is literally created by how we are able to interact within our environment. News media, allows the people to gain the sense of trends, history, and many more.

3. What are the social responsibilities of news media?

The media represent one of the most powerful ? yet least trusted and least accountable institutions ? in the world. The sector could become the most powerful institution on earth, yet accountability mechanisms are generally weak. [ Few media companies, for example, produce CSR or SD reports. But the media sector will come under growing scrutiny as its influence grows. Expect the spotlight to pick up other parts of the media ecosystem, too, including advertising agencies, PR firms and lobbyists. That said, the media have a critical role to play in the transition towards sustainability. Media understanding ? and sustained intelligent coverage ? of the CSR and SD agendas is a necessary precondition for real progress ]

4. What are important ethical and legal considerations in the online world? 

There are many. Start with intellectual property rights (think copyright...
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