Hum/176 Week 1

Topics: Arianna Huffington, Internet Pages: 7 (1199 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Hello! Thank you for your submission this week. Here is some feedback to help you assess your assignment contribution versus what was expected in this assignment. Please see the following as a guide for how your responses measured versus the ideal answers to this activity.

Assignment: News Media, Option 1: Toolwire® Learnscape Credibility and Impact

Purpose of Assignment: In this Learnscape, students take on the role of Deputy Speech Writer for Senator Owen Johnson. Students use the Internet (via a Universe of Content consisting of 12 sites hosted on the Toolwire® system) to identify credibility issues related to the use of Internet content as it pertains to political issues. In doing so, they also have to discern which sources are most credible and be able to substantiate this. The student is also asked to review a speech outline from the senator and write an introductory paragraph addressing the effect of the Internet on politics.

Resources Required: Toolwire® Learnscape Credibility and Impact

Grading Guide

|Assessment A Part One - Credibility and Impact: Exploring the Internet and Politics | |Summary |This interaction is the first part of the assessment (Part A). The student opens the InVision Pro | | |application and uses a drag-and-drop list to assess the credibility of the sites from the Universe| | |of Content dashboard. When the student has completed the drag-and-drop list, they close the | | |InVision Pro application and their BlackBerry® Smartphone rings with a video call from the | | |senator. | |Character |Text | | |InVision Pro |Instructions: Indicate whether each Web site is credible by dragging and dropping your | | |Application |answer from the list at the left. | | | |[Student drags yes or no to the Credible? column from a list to the left of the table. | | | |The Why? column will automatically populate with notes from the Notepad of the Universe | | | |of Content interaction. When finished, the student is prompted to close the | | | |application.] | | | | | | | |[Completed table should look like the below (answers):] | | | | | | | |Website | | | |Credible? | | | |Why? | | | | | | | |The Drudge Report | | | |No | | | |News aggregator run by...
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