Hum 176 Letter to Friend

Topics: Mobile phone, Source, Internet Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Dear Friend,
Hello, I was glad to hear how interested and fascinated with all the great things the internet can do. It is very nice to be able to find any information I could ever need at such high speed. It defiantly makes my life so much easier then the way it was before the internet. Although there are a lot of good things on the internet, you must be careful with all the information. Not all the information you can find on the internet is creditable, true, or reliable. There are some sites that just anyone can update and make changes to them. Because of those sites there is so much unreliable information, lies, and made up stories on the internet. When trying to determine if the information you found was a good source of information it is best to look on a few different sites. If you can find the same information on different sites in is usually a reliable source of information. In my opinion, you should look for sites that have good reviews, evidence that can back up there source, and the ones that can cite their own work. Although there are a million good and creditable sources on the internet, there are also a lot of sites that are not creditable.  To make sure a source is reliable and credible there are a few things to go over or look for from the author and their information. This includes, finding out where the research or information was published and it is good for you to check and see if the information provided fits with what is already known. It doesn’t seem necessary to know this but you should find out if funding may influence the research information provided because if funding is involved it may influence the research information to be biased and the funders may have something to gain from the results of the information. And another good thing to look for and is always important, in my opinion, is to review the resources of the author and their information so that you can see whether their sources are reliable or credible or not,...
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