Hum/130 week 5

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Eastern Religion Elements Matrix

Countries of origin
Hinduism originated in India 4-6 thousand years ago.
Originated in Northern India in approx. 500BC
Confucianism originated in China in the fifth century BC
Originated in China at approx. 20-200 AD
Historical figures and events
Srila Vyasadeva
Lord Krishna

Siddhartha Gautama was torn after seeing the real world outside his father’s palace. He left his father’s riches to go on a spiritual plight which untimately became Buddhism. Confucius
He spread the word of harmony during the times when the states of China were at war with one another. Daoism traces its roots to 6th Century BC Chinese philosopher Laozi wrote the iconic book Dao De Jing on the tenets of the Dao. Zhuangzi

Zhang Daoling
Central beliefs
Samsara(cycles of birth)
Moksha(liberation from the cycles of birth)
The Four Noble Truths

The Eightfold Path
Confucians believe that all people are good, that you should respect and follow your elders, ancestors should be worshiped, education is strongly emphasized, and individual meditation. The primary belief is in learning and practicing “The Way” (Dao) which is the ultimate truth to the universe. They also believe in Yin and Yang

Nature of God
Some Hindu’s believe in one God, while others believe in many God’s There is no absolute God. While Buddist can believe in God they are taught to focus on their own spiritual path There is no influence of God in Confucianism. It is mainly about how you should live life and use correct behavior. Does not believe in a formal God, but a force that existed before Heaven and Earth. Texts

The Vedas- Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and the Atharva Veda The Tripitaka and the Sutras
The Si Shu
Wu Jing
Daode Jing
Ritual and practice
(sacred elements & their meaning)
Images of gods and shrines.
Puja-morning ritual
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