Hum/130 Final Project

Topics: Joseph Smith, Jr., Christianity, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Pages: 5 (2115 words) Published: January 8, 2011
HUM/130 Brett McGlynn

I know that we have all seen Mormons on the side of the road riding bikes in suits and knocking on doors to spread the word of their religion. Have you ever answered the door? I have always avoided the door to door Mormons until now. Somewhere in Kirtland Ohio was the beginning headquarters for Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was the founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints. This is also known as the Mormon religion. Later there were financial issue which led Joseph Smith to move the headquarters to the Midwest. After looking at many locations he chose Missouri, then he built his second temple in Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith was later accused of polygamy and aspiring to create a theocracy. These charges led to his assassination by an angry mob of non- Mormons. Joseph Smith was born in Sharon, Vermont on December 23, 1805. In the 1820’s he became the leader of a small group of followers who believed that Joseph Smith had been given a book of golden plates containing religious history of ancient Americans. From these plates he is said to have translated the words to the book of Mormon. He said it was the restoration of the early Christian church. He gained many converts and today the Mormon Church is 14million strong. On June 27, 1844 Joseph Smith was killed by an angry mob made up of members of the town militia who were in charge of protecting Joseph Smith. The people of Illinois Thought that joseph Smith was a crook and charged him with treason. The Mormons see him as a martyr who was killed by religious foes.

To be able to further my Knowledge on this religion of the Mormons, I did something I never did before. I actually opened the door for a Mormon. His name was actually Joshua Smith, I was very excited because I thought that he may be a direct discendent of John Smith this was not the case. I live in Tampa, Florida but Joshua was from Utah. He was a young man around 17 years old. He was way more Knowledgible about his religion at 17 years old than I had ever been about my own and I’m 33 years old. He was very devoted to God and much to my surprise he seeking the truth no matter what religion it may be. I asked him if he would let me interview him and he was more than willing to comply. I’m a very friendly guy so it felt to me like he was relieved at my eagerness to talk. This interview was out of impulse so my questions were on the fly. So I asked if I can meet him at his church later that night but, that was not an option. The next day was better for him so I complied. We agreed to meet at his church at around 6:30am, This was pretty early for me but after my first interview fell through I was pretty desperate so you best believe that I was there bright and early the following day. So the next day I showed up at his Temple at 6:30am, much to my surprise it looked very much like my church growing up, and I’m a Lutheran I thought for a moment “ can we be this similar”. I was taught that these people were freaks. The basketball court was a way to reach out to their youth just like my church. Shortly after a tour we began the interview. BM: How does the church of Latter Day Saints differ from traditional Christianity? JS: The difference is that we believe in restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ again on the earth through prophets having modern day revelations, this is through John Smith. John Smith translated the Book of Mormon through the power of God. BM: Is that the only difference?

JS: Another difference is while many other parts of Christianity believe that the Father, Son , and Holy Ghost are one. Mormons believe that all three are different beings. BM: What is the difference between a Mormon and a Latter Day Saint? JS: Mormons is a term referring to all who believe in the Book of Mormon....

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