Hum 130 Capstone

Topics: Religion, Psychology, Christianity Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: August 26, 2010
Melony Garcia

Capstone 2
Learning about world religions has had a major influence on the ways in which I think about religion. First of all since I have never really had a set religion this class overall has helped me to understand the differences between the religions. This has influenced me to learn more about my wife’s religion. Before I really never had any interest in her beliefs nor did I bother to ask the importance of my sons baptism, I simply disagreed. I felt that everyone is and should be entitled to make up their own minds when thinking about religion and that a child should not just have one thrown on them. However after conduction the interview I have learned that religion is or can be just as much a traditional or cultural thing as anything else so it is important to keep an open mind on certain subjects. Learning about other people’s beliefs and attitudes can be beneficial in many ways, and this information can be utilized in many ways. For example I work at a casino as a security guard and often outside of work when hanging out with friends some of their religious beliefs are set against gambling. Therefore it is important to understand where they are coming from so that I do not just come off as acting like I do not care what their beliefs are. Also in the future I will be able to use this information as a communication tool.
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