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HRM Case study
Chapter 1
Case Study 2
The Environment and Economics
What does the environment have to do with economics? Well, depending on who you ask, almost everything. As fossil fuels became more expensive in mid-2008, alternative energy sources ( and the companies that developed and produced that energy) became more attractive. And as more people looked to things like solar and wind power, new business were created as were new jobs. Evidence of this can be found in many places. Uniliver, a large multinational organazation, focuses on personal care and food products. One of its products is tea – 19 billion bags a year of Lipton, Red Rose, and Salada. While there have been many critics of it as a company, its tea operations have received high praise. The reason: it has improved farming practices in Kenya that has been a benefit to the land and the wokers. The focus is on sustainable production that combines environmental care and woker welfare – a holistic approach. Through these changes it is striving to source tea by sustainable means – and receive certification through the Rainforest Alliance. This will have a huge impact on the global tea industry as Unilever has 12% of the total market share. As would demand increases for sustainable products, the price will increase the international price of tea that in turn will improve the lives of the 2 million Kenyans who work in the tea sector.

Q1. Identfy the opportunities and threats of business shifting to more environmentally friendly practices. Q2. What HRM issues arise as business shift the way the products are manufactured? Q3. Do you think more business ought to spend money on environmental improvements? Why or why not? Definitelly yes. I think business should spend more money on environmental improvement because

Chapter 2

Case study 1
But was it Harassment?
Bill Smith, plant superintendent in a commercial laundry, was in his office reviewing a handwritten note that had just arrived. He was both surprised and concerned about the contents. The note indicated that Bob Jones had been making comments of a sexual nature to several of the female staff. What was disturbing about this was that Bob was Bill’s best supervisor and had been involved in a relationship with one of the plant staff. Bill decided that he must investigate the allegation. Bill decided to meet with Bob and bring tha matter to his attention. During the meeting, Bob got very angry and accused his former girlfriend of spreading rumours. When pressed further, Bob confirmed that he had been joking with one of the junior secretaries and siad that he would help her get a new computer if she treated him nicely. Bob also confirmed that while he knows the company has a policy about this sort of thing, he wasn’t sure exactly what was expected. After meeting with Bob, Bill decided that th company needed to have a training program on harassment and discrimination. As a part of the training, Bill suggested a role-play exercise to explore workplace behaviours that might be constructed as harassment. All supervisors in the plant were expected to attend. Several days after the training, Bill got a phone call from one of his top production people. She expressed concern that Bob had just put up a calender in his office that showed a scantily clad girl. The worker said that she approached Bob and asked him to remove the calender as it didn’t seem to comply with what was described in the training. She then described how Bob laughed and said, “who cares about that kind of stuff? This is just some phase we are going through, and it will fade out soon.” Bill also discovered that Bob had left the training session before it was over.

Q1. Are these two incidents harassment? Why or why not?
Yes. I personally think that both incidents were harassment. Because my opinion about harassment is not you can make a judgement. In this case, Bob can’t make a dicition. If one of the staff is hurted by Bob, it’s a...
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