Huella Case Writeup

Topics: Marketing, Quantitative marketing research, Marketing research Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: March 22, 2014
Huella Hong Kong, an online travel website, has not achieved the results that the company had expected in the Hong Kong market. Jenny Leung, the marketing and market research manager of Huella Hong Kong, has recently received the results of a heavily qualitative survey to help better understand the Hong Kong market. She has hired a new market research agency to both confirm the findings from the last survey and also to test representativeness of those findings.

The ideal respondents of this new, more quantitative survey in the Hong Kong market would be Internet users, business travelers, leisure travelers, and also the younger generation who would be crucial to the future success of Huella Hong Kong. Those who are already using the Internet in Hong Kong (59% of the market) are more likely to learn more about making travel purchases online than those who have not yet accepted the Internet into their lives. Those who are already traveling for business or leisure are making their travel purchases in some way already, so it would be esse­­ntial to find out how and why they choose to make their purchases the way they do. Finally, the­ younger generation is techno-savvy and aware of the Internet and what it can provide and are ripe for molding online purchasing habits

The four general topics that need to be included in this survey are: the frequency and motivations for travel, the concerns about online travel purchases, brand awareness, and the methods of making travel purchases. Leung would be able to make the most strategic marketing decisions by focusing on these four general topics. The responses of those who are traveling most frequently and determining whether they are traveling for business or leisure would probably be the most important responses to determine in the survey. It has been determined that there is high concern about the riskiness of making purchases online in the Hong Kong market, and Huella’s business depends on this behavior. It would be...
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