Huckle Berry Finn

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The subject of the Story “Man to Send Rain” is the traditions of Christian and Native American towards the death of a family member or funeral arrangements. They both have different morals when it comes to a death because on the Christian side of the story, they have specific morals to follow just as the Native American do also. The native americans are usually laid back when it comes to a death because, we are only worried about how we treat the death, we want whoever is dead to live a long good afterlife so what we do is Pray for the person, we pray with corn pollen, sing songs that represent death, and we help dress them in new clothes because it shows that we care for them. On the Christian side what they do is totally completely different than the Native Americans. The christians like to pray for the person also but so they can have the gateway to heaven with absolutely no sins. The christians always deal with holy water, the holy water is given so that way the person can go to heaven not being thirsty.

First of all, comparing the Native Americans traditions to the Christians, they are both similar. It’s just the fact that one side, Native americans are more laid back than the Christians. We don’t really care if they performed sins or not, all we do before we bury someone is we tie a feather on the mans hair, then we paint white streaks on his forehead, blue streaks above his cheekbones. After the paint we do a prayer for the death, we pray with corn pollen and corn meal. We then paint a yellow streak under the mans nose and finally they paint green across his chin. Second, the Christians point of view towards a death or funeral, they have quite a few things to do before they actually get to the burial. The christians before they put the body in a casket, they ask for a the last rites and a funeral mass for the body.
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