Huck Finn character development

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The most interesting question asked in our discussion to me, is: Why does Huck play tricks on Jim? Doesn’t he think it will affect their relationship? I find this question very interesting as it gives us an entry into Huck’s mind and his thoughts on Jim. At the same time he is dependent on Jim: “Well, I warn't long making him understand I warn't dead. I was ever so glad to see Jim. I warn't lonesome now. I told him I warn't afraid of HIM telling the people where I was. I talked along, but he only set there and looked at me; never said nothing.” (100), but on the other he is driving him away by playing these tricks, despite knowing the effect it will have on Jim.

In the midst of fog as we know Huck and Jim are separated, when they are brought back together Huck tries to play a trick on Jim by telling him that the events of the night before were just a dream. I am confused by what thought process Huck used to think that it would be a good idea. Did he think by confusing Jim he could gain more power over him, or did he think that by frightening him Jim would get closer to Huck?

My theory is that Huck treats Jim as if they were siblings, whereas Jim acts fatherly to Huck, as in chapter nine, Jim and Huckleberry find a floating house while traveling down the river. In that house, they find a man who was shot and killed. Jim demonstrates a kind of parenting affection over Huckleberry. Jim says to Huck, "Come in, Huck, but doan' look at his face -it's too gashly." He then covers the man in rags so that Huck won't have to look at the dead, naked man. This demonstrates a parental, protective attitude towards Huck, whereas Huck's attitude toward Jim is entirely different. One night, Huck kills a rattle-snake and places it by Jim's bed as a prank. Huck tells the reader, "I killed him, and curled him up on the foot of Jim's blanket, ever so natural, thinking there'd be some fun when Jim found him there." This shows that Huck views Jim as an equal, if not a sibling,...
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