Huck Finn

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain Pages: 4 (1530 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Huckleberry Finn Persuasive Essay
In Mark Twain’s Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Huck decides to flee from civilization. Huck discovers that Tom Sawyer’s aunt, Aunt Sally is trying to adopt him and make Huck fit into normal society. After witnessing all the cruel and inhumane things that affected Huck, returning back to civilization would not be the right choice for him. It is justified for Huck to disappear from a civilized life, so the thirteen-year-old boy can live happily, surrounded by the forest. When Huck is around Miss Watson, Pap, and the Duke and Dauphin, Huck wants to be out roaming the wilderness by forests and river, free from any disturbances.

Huck's anger with civilization started when Huck was with his terrifying father, Pap. During Huck's early years, Huck used to be physically abused because his father often got drunk. Pap would: “jump and scream, and say one had bit him on the cheek- but I couldn't see any snakes"(Twain 39). In the beginning of the book, Pap is trying to steal Huck's money by suing Judge Thatcher. Also, Huck's father got so mad at his son for attending school, that he locked Huck in a concealed cabin in the wilderness. Pap is the only family member that Huck has in his life, but Huck knows that he will become miserable living with his drunken father. After Huck’s mother’s death, Pap was the only family figure that Huck could rely on. This traumatic family upbringing was the first sign where Huck abominated civilization. Huck also had two instances where he was disappointed with "civilized" life. The first one was with Widow Douglas. Huck tells us: “she took me in for her son, and allowed she would civilize me; but it was rough living in the house all the time"(Twain 11). Another example of Huck living a uncivilized life was with the Grangerfords. Huck had a enthusiastic feeling after landing in front of the Grangerford house. After spending time with the Grangerfords, Huck realized that it would become a nightmare living...
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