Huawei Strategic Information Technology Plan

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Huawei Strategic Information Technology Plan
Tricia L. Miller
MGT 497
Thomas Hennefer
May 9, 2011

Huawei Strategic Information Technology Plan
Executive Summary
The Huawei Technologies organization is a leader in innovative technologies and has developed a strong strategy to expand and grow as innovators. Huawei Technologies has embraced technology and has been innovative since the inception of the firm. “Huawei has built comprehensive advantages in core areas such as wired and wireless broadband access, data communications, and optical transmission through years of continuous development” (Huawei). Ranked number five as one the most innovative companies of 2010, Huawei Technologies surpassed other leading telecom firms to rank higher than Nokia Siemens and Alcatel-Lucent and is currently ranked the number 2 telecom firm in the world (Lee, 2010). Huawei Technologies is a China based company, headquartered in Shenzen, and was founded in 1988. “The company is at the forefront of the latest mobile-phone-networks technology, meaning faster and clearer connectivity” (Lee, 2010). Management of technology and innovation in today’s firms is essential and the need is expanding and growing at a rapid rate. Technology is making a huge impact on businesses today and effective management of these technologies and innovation is essential. Through the assessment of a firm’s Management of technology and innovations using the innovative capabilities audit framework is crucial in determining if a firm has the capabilities to be innovative and succeed in producing innovative technologies. Assessing sustainability and evaluating an organizations ability to be innovative can determine the success or failure of a venture. Huawei Technologies is a truly innovative organization and has shown that the organization is effective in producing innovative technology. The innovation planning process is essential to the successful implementation of an innovative endeavor. Strategic planning of innovation must be done in order for innovation to succeed. Many factors must be considered in order to determine the acceptance and effectiveness of innovative ideas before actual development. There are factors with any new innovation that can impede its success and all factors must be considered before moving forward with and innovative project. The vision and mission statement must be established before moving forward with any innovative venture. It is essential to determine what the goal of the organization is and how the organization would like to see that goal come to fruition. Everyone involved needs to be on the same page and have a clear understanding of the mission and vision in order for the team to work together effectively to take an innovative idea full circle to an innovative technology. With a mission and vision determined plans and strategies must be developed and set in place before actual development of a product or technology is begun. Many times the need for outside resources or alliances are necessary to fully produce an innovative product or technology. This outside support can be gained through alliances, mergers or acquisitions and organizations must be diligent in doing the necessary research to determine which option is best for them and what organization is the best to develop a relationship with. Whether a merger, alliance, or acquisition it chosen proper understanding of the positive and negative consequences is necessary when developing these relationships. Organizations such as Huawei Technologies, which is already and innovative leader, must do proper due diligence in order to not only maintain its reputation, but to maintain its place as an innovative leader. Creating a value analysis is as ideal way to effectively determine the best route to take in partnering with other firms. Many factors need to be determined and analyzed to not only protect the firm, but to ensure that the best decision is...

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