Hu300 Unit 7 Views on Happiness

Topics: Happiness, Definition, Old age Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Views on Happiness
Charlotte Briscoe
HU 300
Kaplan University

What Happiness means to others
The first person I interviewed was a close friend of mine named Gabrielle Hine. She is twenty three years old and we went to high school together. We have been friends since we were both thirteen years old and actually she entered the school a few months before me. We tend to have very similar taste in everything from food down to music and clothes, it does tend to get quite freaky at times. The second person I interviewed was my neighbour Natalie Goodwin. She is a thirty three year old single mom with four kids. I have passed her a few times in the hall as we live on the same floor but she live in one direction and I the other. We mostly talk about our children or the loud noises on the street. Before asking to interview her I really did not know much about her or her background. Interview with Gabrielle

Question: How would you define Happiness?
Response: Happiness for me is getting time to spend with my close friends and family. The time when I am at my happiest is when I am back home spending quality time with my twin sisters. Living so far away I don’t get to be a big sister to them much so any time we do have is cherish able. Question: Has your definition of Happiness changed over time? Response: Yes my definition of Happiness has changed with my age. When I was a teenager my definition of happiness relied upon boys and make up. If a boy I fancied liked me back that made me one of the happiest teenagers around. Question: What experiences have influenced your definition? Response: I guess you could say time and age have influenced my definition. Not only these factors but the loss of a close family member has also made me realise that family and time spent with them really is important. Question: Do you expect your definition to change in the future? Response: Yes I can say that this definition will change when I have...

References: Janaro R.P. & Altshuler T. C. (2009). The Art of Being Human: The humanities as a technique for living (Kaplan University Custom 2nd Ed.).New York: Pearson Education, Inc.
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