Topics: Drinking water, Water, Desalination Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1. DHMO is actually ordinary H20. So there are no effects of ingesting it. Unless like it says “accidental inhalation of its liquid form” then that may result in drowning. 2. Two chemical issues that DHMO is alleged to are acid rain and accelerates rusting of many metals. 3. DHMO is H20. Commonly called water.

4. Bob Becker wrote this article in an ordinary newspaper style to trick people that it is a newspaper article. He is trying to scare people and show them what the media can do. 5. People buy and drink bottled water because it was said to be a more purer and healthier but in fact a lot of it is not healthier. 6. People should not buy or drink bottled water for a few reasons, the fact that bottled water is not at all cleaner that tap water in fact sometimes dirtier that tap water, the bottles are causing many problems to the world (pollution), the taste is supposedly better and 25% of bottled water is tap water. 7. The bottles being discarded by the consumers are damaging the environment. 89 billion liters of water is being bottled each year, besides the number of bottles required to bottle this volume of water, the energy to transport this world wide is a problem in its self. 8. Spring water comes from springs and purified water is “better filtered tap water” 9. Tap water is considered to have the best purity and is the best cost efficient due to the EPA. They have strict standards and only regulate tap water not bottled water means that it is more pure. I would agree with this article. 10. He has written this article in a way of an essay and is simply trying to put more information out there and more facts on our water. 11. Michael Duffy, 2007, Water, water everywhere, and no one stops to think, August 11,

12. RuindSandy/wikianswers, Year?, WikiAnswers, 14/03/2013, 13. Seawater is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, which removes...
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