Htt/220 Appendix B

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Appendix B

Hardware and Software Terms and Use

Directions: Using the matrix, write the definition of the hardware or software term listed in the middle column. Then, provide at least one example of a job position in the hospitality industry that will use this hardware or software to perform daily job functions and explain how it is used by someone in that job position. Save your matrix and post it as an attachment to the Individual forum.

TermDefinitionPositions that Use It

1. CPU
2. Router
3. Network
4. Server
5. Cable Modems
6. Intranet
7. Extranet
8. VPN
9. EDI
10. NOS

1. Brain of the computer that executes computer programs.
2. Gateway that routes and information on a networks.
3. Group of computers sharing information.
4. Computer hardware and/ or software dedicated to sending information to a network. 5. Deliver broadband internet through the router or directly to a computer. 6. Private secured network used by business.

7. Private network that shares information between businesses and suppliers. 8. Private network used by businesses that allows employees to access the network for any location. 9. Format for exchanging data in a business.

10. Software used to manage network resources.

1. Front Desk – used to check travelers in and out.
2. IT Department –route information to the correct networks. 3. Front Desk – uses to input the information about the customer 4. IT Department- Sending correct information to the correct networks 5. All employees –gives all employees access to networks

6. Department Supervisors- communicate between departments.
7. Suppliers–check the status of orders. Allows suppliers direct access to inventory. 8. Network Administrators – to dictates who has access to the network. 9. Accounting –exchange financial documents with corporate office or bank. 10. Network Administrators – manage network resources.
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